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  • Zombie Society - DEAD DETECTIVE

    The popular web series of point-and-click detective adventures

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    soon coming to life on mobile!

    Zombies have conquered the world, and they have established their own society.

    It's a lot of fun, but even zombie society has its criminals!


    Meet Margh, undead private detective, and his partner Ghvnn, and help them solve the bizarre cases that their even weirder clients submit to them.


    Interrogate the suspects, find clues and combine them as if they were items in your inventory, form your own deductions and find the culprit... or accuse the wrong zombie!

  • News!!

    ... and/or Francesco's rants

    A true detective should never judge a book by its cover. But if you HAD to, what would you think of this new character that's going to appear in the upcoming new episode? Friend... or foe? Let me know on my Facebook page!
    Hello everyone! It took a long while, but finally got the first episode to work on mobile, at 60 fps with optimal performance! Now it's just a matter of adjusting the interface, update the "deaduction" system... and that's it! Zombie Society is coming to the mobile stores! And maybe,...
    We'll get back to work shortly, but for now... Happy Summer, everyone!
  • Interact... tales?

    why such a complicated name?

    Come on, it's not that complicated! ... Is it?

    Interactales is an independent game developer based in Lecce, south Italy, formed in early 2015 by Francesco Dell'Anna Muia.

    The name represents the two most important aspects that I want all my creations to share:


    I like good stories. I think you players do, too. Heck, who doesn't?
    Each one of my games is trying to do mainly one thing: to tell a good story. More than that: I want YOU to tell it!


    From changing the outcome of a dialogue to major plot points, the player's choices matter!
    My main goal is to make you feel engaged in the story and to actively be a part of it.

  • Staff & Collaborators

    A bunch of people very passionate about what they do

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    Francesco Dell'Anna Muia

    Game designer, writer, programmer, amateur artist

    He began creating video games as a hobby way back in 2007, publishing his first experiments on Newgrounds. Since then he has created more than twenty web games that have been featured on Newgrounds, Kongregate and Armor Games, where they have won various awards and accolades that have prompted him to become a full-time game developer. Since 2014 he has been collaborating with Y8.com as a developer, programmer and writer.
    He's the founder of Interactales, and the guy writing all this stuff in the third person to look all professional-like.

  • Visit her website!

    Giorgia Longo

    Comic book artist

    The artist that brought to life the undead characters of Zombie Society!
    But she's done some other pretty awesome stuff, too, like the comic book "Martha e le sue ombre", published by ProGlo in 2013.

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    Antonio Mariano

    Music composer

    He composed the complete soundtrack of both "Escape the Game" and "Zombie Society - Death after death".
    And he did a terrific job at that!
    A real musical genius.

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    Music composer

    Founder and owner of the website soundimage.org, the objective of which is to make good-sounding music and sounds freely available to content creators.
    He’s a big believer in the democratization of motion pictures, television, music, games and pretty much all media. He believes anyone should be able to tell stories, explore ideas and communicate through these media without needing millions of dollars to do so. Thanks to digital technology - and to his awesome website - this is now more possible than ever.


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