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Back from the dead

Hello, dudes and dudettes!

I'm writing this post for two reasons:

1) We reached 700 likes! Woohoo! Thanks, everyone!


Yes, as I mentioned a few days ago, I'm well aware that Kongregate is not accepting new games anymore. It's a low blow, because all my plans for future games involved the Kong's monthly contest to get a boost, not just in terms of money but of pure views.

Now that's gone... But, looking on the bright side, this has helped me to overcome my indecision about the future.

I had selfishly decided to end the Dead Detective series without the promised Steam game, and though you guys have been very supportive in any case – and I'm really glad for that – there was something that kept gnawing at me.

I've always known that story wasn't finished. I felt like I needed to move on, that I was done with the zombies.. but apparently they weren't done with me.

So, they're coming back. And I want them to be everywhere.

I'll start by bringing all the older episodes to the Appstore and Google Play. That's because I'm curious to find out if there's a market there for this kind of games, and also because with the ultimate disappearance of the Flash plugin, in a few months, they wouldn't be playable anymore and lost forever.

Next up is the Steam game. I want to add as much quality as I can. Backgrounds drawn by a real pixel artist, voice acting for the living characters, hiqh quality audio and trailer.

I'm still thinking if I should go the crowdfunding route or if I can find a publisher, or even going solo. I'll let you know.

But Dead Detective is coming back, for sure. And I'll keep you updated about the development process, all the way through, so keep following me!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your suppo